The development burden of armed conflicts in Sudan




University of Khartoum Peace Research Institute (PRI) in co ـoperation with the peace-building and development project of the World Bank workshop entitled "developmental burden of armed conflicts in Sudan," will be held on Tuesday, 08.25.2015. Sharika Hall Minor.


The workshop included opening the floor to Dr. Mohammed Mahjoub Haroun Director of the Institute, and then the word given by the Rector on his behalf Dr. Abubakar Ibrahim Mohamed Hussein, has been "the paper conceptual development of the project for the conflicts in the Sudan," to provide that presented StudConceptual and Research Development Abdul Hamid Elias Suleiman, discuss and comment on the concept paper, Dr. in Faculty of Geography and Environmental  Science, University of Khartoum Omar Ajimi. After it was to provide an opportunity for the participants provided the Extras methodology and knowledge and the quality and posed important questions submitted to the concept paper answered them later.


This is important research project comes within the framework of the attention and interaction with the university pressing national issues facing the country, led by armed conflicts which represent a large, threatening the stability of our country, come opponent of balance development across the depletion of human and material resources over the past six decades. Accordingly, the University of Khartoum has committed itself to play a role consistent with scientific prestige and national responsibility in dealing with this core issue and that in the framework of its campaign led across the Peace Research Institute in the name of "National Campaign Against War " which inaugurated the Peace Research Institute in the 21 / September 2014 . And that this research project aims to reach "a research document on the scientific and systematic basis about the conflicts in the Sudan," which is carried out by the Peace Research Institute with a number of partners in the preparatory phase are: the United Nations DevelopmentProgramme , the Ministry of Higher Education, Peace Building Program and international Bank, and The center of Aljazeera for studies.

And it participated in the workshop representatives / Federal government departments, including the ministries of Agriculture, environment, media, and the Central Bureau of Statistics, and the Humanitarian Aid Commission and the armed forces, and a number ofacademics, researchers and activists and civil society organizations and centers active in issues of the war, peace and development, local organizations and the deferent media