Training workshop in mediation

Peace Research Institute (PRI) of the University of Khartoum has organised a workshop on Mediation for the students of the University of Khartoum, during the period 27th - 28th of March 2018. The workshop was facilitated by Mr. Rock El-Achy form the Professional Centre for Mediation in Saint Joseph University - Beirut, and co-organised by the Agence Universitare Francophonie and the Peace Research Institute.

Active students in both social and political spheres were targeted. Participants were trained on: what is mediation, the role of a mediator, active listening, and non violent communication. They were highly interactive and have shown a serious will to exercise and communicate such competencies. Mediation is a very effective method to bring together two disputing parties, in order to work on solutions that could be facilitated by the mediator.