Workshops and seminars

The Peace Institute has conducted many seminars and workshops on a variety of topics, including:

 Together We Stand Divided We Fall: Understanding Tribal Conflicts In Darfur (9-10Feb2014)

  1. Party schedule preparation for the transitional period.
  2. Parliamentary elections.
  3. Raising the qualification of civil society organizations, in cooperation with the United Nations Development Program.
  4. The role of civil society in achieving social peace.

5.   Contribution to an explanation of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement, in cooperation with a number of national organizations and the media.

6.   The initiative of Allah's People in Sudan to raise the national front.

7.   The Darfur Women’s Meeting on the common grounds of dialogue

- The Regional Symposium on Sudan's Neighbors and South Sudan Referendum on Self-Determination







Peace Research Institute (PRI) in collaboration with the San't Anna School for advanced studies in Pisa, had held a workshop of 5 days (16-20 Oct 2016) on (Conflict management) that comes within PRI's project (Media for Peace). The workshop was financed by The Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  Trainees and participants were targeted from the Media domain. First session was conducted by Prof Andrea de Guttry from Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna. De Guttry is a professor of Public International Law and the deputy director of DIRPOLIS Institute, Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, he gave a lecture on (Concepts and mechanisms of: peace, peacemaking, peace building and peace keeping –in the UN system and their interaction with APSA ).

Presentations were also addressed by his Excellency Prof: Fabrizio Lobasso the Italian Ambassador in Sudan, who talked about (Negotiations and mediation skills and tools that help reaching tolerance, coexistence). Dr. Mohamed Haroon, PRI director, also delivered a talk on (IS Sudan a post conflict state?) Emphasizing an answer of YES, he gave a review of how a post conflict state should be like, and how Sudanese people must be ready to approach this new state.

The workshop closed under the guidance and the monitoring of Dr. Alsir Seid Ahmad and Dr. Fathalrahman Mahgoub, Who came to a conclusion of initiating a Media project for peace that would be conducted by participants and lasts for 3 months.

Fine Workshop on "Express Peace."

Peace Research Institute(PRI) in collaboration with Rashid Diab Arts Centre   has established  arts workshop entitled "expression of peace," and that in the period from (Tue 18/8 to Thursday, 08/20/2015 ), Rashid Diab Arts Center  , under the Arts for Peace program, which falls within the framework of the "National Campaign Against War" launched by the Institute on 21 / September / 2014.
The workshop "expression of peace," which dealt with the theoretical dialogue, intellectual and philosophical on the subject of peace and Speakers  touched how to express it  in the form and color and the symbol for the concept of peace and gave thanks to

Peace research Instituteـ   University of Khartoum, to it’s interests to the issues of war and peace.
 The participants in the workshop arts were "Dr. Rashid Diab, Ahmed Mustafa, Isaac Abdul Ghafoor, Omar Hassan, Salma Mustafa Aldaw,   the workshop supervised by Dr. Mohammed Mahjoub Haroun Director of the Peace Research Institute , University of Khartoum,  the workshop outputs will be displayed in the period of " 8 ـ 10 /  in September 2015 ". Within the Peace Conference, and the launch of Arts for Peace program, the Great Hall of the University of Khartoum  (Sharjah)

Dialogue Facilitation and Mediation Skills Workshop 7/6/2015

Peace Resarch Institite(PRI) in collabration with UNDP held  Dialogue Facilitation and Mediation Skills Workshop on 1st – 3rd June 2015,at the Sharga Hall and the participants included academics’, media, civil society and government institute .

Workshop Held under the Title: “Together we stand Divided we Fall: Understanding Tribal Conflict in Darfur” 10/3/2014

The Peace Research Institute (PRI) – University of Khartoum, in collaboration with UNAMID, held a workshop under the  “Together we Stand Divided we Fall: Understanding Tribal Conflict in Darfur” during the period 9-10 February 2014 at the  Sharjah Hall.