The Peace Institute seeks :

  1. To develop a system where academic knowledge of peace and humanitarian work is applied in the field bringing together the public sector and private stakeholders, in order to present, study and research programs that expand the capacities in these fields;
  2. To encourage community projects in the Peace Institute's areas of specialization;
  3. To present programs of study in the field of peace;
  4. To spread the culture of peace and lay the foundations of sustainable development, as well as to encourage and reinforce the practice of resolving disputes by peaceful means;
  5. To increase awareness of the concept of peace and its applications through the organization of lectures and panel discussions, seminars, and conferences;
  6. To build the Peace Institute's capacity in various areas of peace by organizing relevant training programs;
  7. To create avenues for mutual benefit with similar institutes and centers of common interest, through the promotion of scientific cooperation, both locally and nationally; and,
  8. To provide consultation on peace-related issues for the University, government agencies, community organizations, as well as regional and international partners.