Blue Nile
National Anti-War Campaign
Blue Nile
National Anti-War Campaign
National Anti-War Campaign
Apr 04

إجتماع نظمه معهد أبحاث السلام حول جنوب كردفان

خبراء يدعون للتعرف على السياق الذي أسفر عن الدعوة لتقرير المصير دعا خبراء وأكاديميون وسياسيون…
Nov 04

Tayeb performs for Peace-Assim Al

  Peace Research Institute (PRI) organized a concert to celebrate two years of its project…
May 03

Third Forum of PRI's Project "Developmental Burden of Armed Conflicts in Sudan"

          Conflicts settlement: pre- requisite for consolidating internal reform and Opening…

welcome to peace research institute

About The Institute


The Peace Institute was originally established in 1986 at the University of Khartoum; by 1990, it had been upgraded to its present status as an institute. In establishing the Peace Institute, the University aims to promote initiative, leadership, and cooperation in fields of scientific research that contribute to the advancement of peace and human rights in Sudan Through the Peace Institute, the University seeks to deepen the understanding of the causes of conflict, while simultaneously providing frameworks for their resolution.The Peace Institute also works as a national platform for dialogue and policy-making. As such, it is a major stakeholder at the University of Khartoum for national and regional public affairs. The Peace Institute maintains various projects, all of which aim to serve and advance the objectives for which it was established  Read more

Islamic Cooperation Conference

Peace Research Institute presented by its Director Dr. Mohamed Mahjoub Haroon, has participated in the First OIC Member States Conference on Mediation (Surge in Mediation: The Role of the OIC) that was held in Istanbul by the 21st of November 2017.

The conference discussed perspectives on the Role of Regional Organisations in Mediation. Mediation is considered a very important and effective method in conflict resolution. The third UN General Assembly Resolution on mediation (A/70/328 of 2015), has accordingly called on regional/sub-regional organizations to take a more active role in mediation. Furthermore, the conference opened the flower for suggestions and proposals to draw a millstone for the OIC’s role in mediation.

Peace Research Institute Selected as a Centre of Excellence

Peace Research Institute (PRI) has been selected as "a Centre of Excellence": The nomination is the initiative of the Ministry of Higher Education to support and encourage all organizational environments that strive to succeed in developing high standards to conduct field of research, innovation and communicating service.

PRI earned this recognition for its large and rich contribution engaging in national public policies and issues, and the institute’s role and efforts in supporting the peace process in Sudan and regionally. PRI forms a referential think-thank that unites experts, intellectuals and interested academia. Beside the institute’s academic relations with other international similar institutions that helped to expand and enhance its work and researches. Thus, the Department of Scientific Research and Innovation at the Ministry of Higher Education selected PRI as a Centre of Excellence with a grant of one million SDGs to support research on (The Developmental Burden of Armed Conflicts in Sudan).


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Sudan's conflicts and regional context

Peace Research Institute participates in the first conference of the OIC countries on mediation

Peace Research Institute had the pleasure to receive in its venue Mr: Al-Sanusi Besikri, A Libyan political analyst. Al-Sanusi gave a lecture that comes under PRIs programme of policy dialogues. He discussed Libya’s current state and its impact.

Joint in PDF format is the full report on this lecture.

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